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Epic Dogtooth Tuna Spearfishing

spearfishing dogtooth tuna

Probably one of the best Spearfishing videos of 2013!! Spearfishing for Dogtooth Tuna deep in shark teritory up in North Queensland, Australia check out this great video by Mammalian Motion, catching Awsome footage while blue water hunting for doggies, on the first dive an excellent holding shot on a beatiful doggie ends with a massive shark attack luckily no injuries ...

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7 catches of 7 different species by Ciconat

Ciconat spearfishing grouper snapper video

Another great video by Ciconat. In this video Cico lands 7 different species: Dusky Grouper, Comb Grouper, Snapper, Skip Jack Tuna (Palamita), Gilt-head bream, a big sized Mullet and a brown meagre. Ciconat – Cico Natale has become a very famous Italian Spearo due to his magnificent Videos and thousands of youtube followers around the world, Ciconat uses a custom ...

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Spearfishing in Paradise – El Melli

Spearfishing el melli video

check out this 4 minute spearfishing trailer video called El Melli 3 – Spearfishing in Paradise. very high quality footage of proffesional spearfishing action of Giant Amberjack, Dusky Grouper, Snapper, Mullaway/jewfish and more… No more words, only acts. See and enjoy this film.2 hours of the best moments of spearfishing in a paradise – El Melli

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