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Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

Watch now the crazy video of a Bullshark charging a Spearo in North queensland!!!

Some Video footage below of a Bullshark attack from a recent trip to North QLD. Swam about 50m from my mates where i was diving on the edge of a channel. Had shot a fish 10 mins prior that ripped off. Was mid dive when spotted the shark cruising 20m down, it saw me then B lined straight at me half pace then full charge 6m before it attacked. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a bullshark acting this aggressively? We noticed the shark was pretty skinny for a bullshark and thought it might have something to do with being aggressive. Needless to say it definately knocked my confidence a bit..

by Danny Henricks on Facebook

BullShark tasting some Sharke medicine

BullShark tasting some Shark medicine

The BullShark is on the Charge!

The BullShark is on the Charge!

Oh Shit! I thought it will taste better... lol

Oh Shit! I thought it will taste better… lol



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  1. One thing you guys forget, is that you are in THEIR home !!
    I suppose it’s not the first time they see spearfishing men and they got more familiar and more angry time by time…
    I guess, you’re not going to stop spearfishing in those waters after this attack (in my opinion, you should) but at least, be ALWAYS alert… you can’t afford to be abstracted anymore…
    Cause if you do, it will simply cost your life !
    Or at least, DON’T get far away from your team !!!
    And if you don’t care about your life, ask your wife and children how would they feel about it !
    Just a friendly advice from a Greek spearfishing men…

  2. One time I saw nurse shark approaching from the bottom. As a result, I turned out to be extremely fast. So, I can realize feelings of this guy.

    • I was on the surface in 50ft water in Key Largo,Florida, last summer when a 12ft nurse shark that was cruising the bottom all of the sudden swam straight up to me and when it was 3 in from the tip of my speargun it turned around and swam back down. While this shark is normally not aggressive, if it bites you it will not let go and will thus drown you. A relative of mine lost a friend this way.

  3. Teo, so you spearfish in a group? …… that sounds sooooooo safe!

    • Me…no…
      Sometimes i go with another person but mostly i go alone. But we don’t have sharks here…

      • But you do have blackouts there… you always need to be in the water with a buddy and you need to watch for each other during dives… many experts have blacked out and died already… don’t join the list!

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