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Spearfishing Jurassic Park in Ascension Island

spearfishing yellowfin tuna in ascension island spearfishing trip

Watch the Full Video and Images of a Spearfishing trip to Ascension Island shooting huge Yellowfin tuna, Wahoo, Dog Snapper Spearfishing trip to Ascension Island Ascension Island is an isolated island about halfway between Angola in Africa and Brazil in South America and apparentely is an excellent location for an epic spearfishing trip. This video published by the CASA Team including Ahmed ...

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Extreme 104 kg tuna spearfishing video

Spearfishing bluefin tuna Epic Video

A Fish of a lifetime – a 104 kg Tuna Watch the Full Video and Images of this magnificent encounter on Spearfishing Zone website! Gianni spent a weekend on the Canary Islands ending with a massive catch of a 104 k”g Tuna! Gianni went spearfishing alone and after landing a nice 4 kg Snapper (Denicione) decended down and laid an ambush ...

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