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Extremely deep 20Kilo Dusky Grouper

Another great spearfishing video by Michele Giurgola, an Italian freediving champion and Spearo, freediving 47 meters deep and landing a 20 kilo Cernia, Dusky Grouper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfkfbIqNxBQ Michele speargun is the Seawolf-sub Mako X2, a 105 cm double roler gun with 2 Extreme Cameras, a GoPro camera and a Midland    

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Top 10 Shots by Ciconat

Ciconat top 10 spearfishing shot 2014

Another great spearfishing video by Ciconat. 2014 Top 10 best shots of big size Snappers (Dentici) and Dusky Groupers. Ciconat – Cico Natale has become a very famous Italian Spearo due to his magnificent Videos and thousands of youtube followers around the world, Ciconat uses in this video a custom built roller speargun Allemani – Stilo Express 115 and takes ...

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